Mission Statement

The Inland Harbor and Fleeting Coalition (IHFC) is an association of companies that operate on the Inland or Western Rivers of the United States that will work together to address issues that are common to their segment of the marine industry.


Identify a list of tasks that are common to the members that may present some level of risk. An assessment will then be conducted on each task to determine the level of risk present.

Based on the level of risk, a Job Safety Analysis (JSA) may be needed and/or training may need to be developed.  These materials will then be made available to the membership.

Organizational Structure

The organization held its first meeting on September 29-30, 2015 in St. Louis, MO

The Founding Members of the organization are:
– Osage Marine Services, Inc.
– JB Marine Service, Inc.
– Wepfer Marine, Inc.
– Upper River Services, LLC
– Evansville Marine Service, Inc.

The Coalition Leadership is:
– Chairman – George Leavell
– Vice Chairman – Lee Nelson
– Member – Robert Aldrich
– Member – George Foster
– Member – James (Goat) Patterson


Current Members – The five founding members are listed above.

Membership Benefits – Members have access to the Risk Assessments, Job Safety Analysis’ and Training Materials developed by the organization.



Domain – www.inlandharborfleeting.com 

Risk Assessments, JSAs and Training Materials

Risk Assessments, JSAs and Training Materials will be developed by Rushing Marine Service, LLC and submitted to the Coalition Leadership for review. Once approved by the Leadership, the documents will be published to the members only area of the website.  An email will then be sent to the members when a new resource has been posted. 

Approximately two tasks will be assessed and materials prepared for approval each month until the original list is accomplished. New tasks to be assessed will be considered by the Leadership on a periodic basis.